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  1. The main theme of exploration within my work is photography itself. This comes from a fascination in both the medium and visual experience. A fascination in the way the material and 3-dimensional world is experienced largely visually and without physical and material interaction with it. I am interested in how we construct reality from such a narrow, selective and restricted gathering of information. 


    Much of the work aims to represent through photography, immaterial and invisible concepts, identifying and questioning the immaterial and mental processes that use visual stimulation. This stimulation is the starting point for the building of narratives such as history, memory, value and desire. I try to use photography to question itself as a representation of reality, and in turn to question our construction and experience of reality. 


    The work uses a mixture of photographic processes and formats, and often incorporates sculptural elements to question the relationships between 2 and 3-dimensionality, the illusion of space, and the photographic object. Much of the work reflects these themes through the use of constructions and illusions.